Pot Takes Take Three

Cereal Milk: 9.5 – Indica, tastes amazing and is one of the best strains we’ve tried to date – Let’s talk concerts – Bob goes to Jail – Jaq’s famous bong story – Our new piece (8.2) – Cult Classics – Our favorite movies

Mental Health and Wellness

Did you know 1 in 5 people suffers from mental illness? You never know what someone is going through and we are talking about our journeys with mental illness as well as sharing education details to help break down the stigmas. 

Pot Takes Take Two

Taking that Beverly Road, solid 7.1 Indica dominant hybrid 19.91% THC,  – All kids are fine at LeLe’s –  Live in front of a studio audience – Proving Theories –  The worst teacher ever – Jaq survived the anxiety attack

Bad Moms Part 3

Kid stories – foot soak / self care – Oak Island Tuesdays – Trash TV – Hamilton – Mom Shaming – The story of Axel – Jaq’s last night out – Alone time – We work for a great company – Live your best life – Antidepressants – Better every day – Understanding Teenage mental …

Pot Takes Take One

Knife hits – old school ways – From the dealer – rating Candy Kush (got sidetracked and never gave a rating) – Dispensary vs the dealer – The drive to the Dispensary – The Amish – That funky looking jet ski – My dealer set me up

Intro to Pot Takes

Introducing a reoccurring segment called Pot Takes, with bloopers, much like out takes, but.. you know… Pot Takes. Leah and Jaq share stories, rate what they are smoking and help you find the strain that is perfect for you

She Didnt Know She Was Pregnant

38 Year old women didn’t know she was pregnant until giving birth on the toilet – Our unplanned pregnancies – Leah’s 1st divorce – Bob – Don’t stay together for the kids – Bob’s kids, backstory for another episode