The Murder of Gabby Petito

This last week the nation has been following the disappearance turned homicide of Gabby Petito. Gabby was found dead after going on a cross country trip with her boyfriend when he returned home without her, refused to speak and then goes into hiding himself. We discuss the timeline of events and our own thoughts, theories …

Bob Does Chronic crosses over to the ChronicLogical universe and we put him on the spot. We hear some funny moments about when Leah and Bob first got together, trade dad jokes and Leah quizzes Bob on Deftones lyrics. Everyone, say hi to Bob!

My Body, My Choice

Women have been dismissed and oppressed throughout all of history and it’s only been 100 years that we have been allowed to use our voice in this country. While we have made huge progress, we are still walking around with targets on our stomachs. Let’s just talk a little about that. We are women, hear …

Toxic Parenting

Sometimes as a parent, you don’t realize the things that you’re saying can have such a traumatic effect on your kids. We talk about breaking the cycle with our kids and raising them in a very different manner then we were raised. Jaq gets emotional while talking through the moments of her childhood that she …

Issues Caused by Dads

AKA: Daddy Issues. Here is our issue with daddy issues… we all got them, but that shouldn’t be a blanket statement to describe any out of the ordinary behavior. We go through some of Leah’s trauma-rauma caused by her dad and why these so called “daddy issues” are really just another term “life”.

Lolla Day One Recap

We have made it through our first day at Lollapalooza and it’s been nothing short of amazing. We have had some interesting adventures and watching some award winning performances. We talk about some of our day one highlights.

Lollapalooza Bucket List

Leah and Jaq are preparing to take on Lollapalooza next weekend and have a few ideas in mind of how to make the most of the weekend. As you can imagine, it gets a little degenerate. 

This is all a dream

Sometimes dreams can be vivid, sometimes they can be repetitive, and sometimes they are just down right nightmares. Leah and Jaq talk about the goofy, bizarre and evil dreams that they’ve had and try to figure out the meaning behind them


We hope everyone had a great 4th of July although this was a very tough year for both of us. We talk about our firework trauma, the murder of Jaq’s cousin Jason Chapman, keeping Ragan’s spirit alive and the benefits of social media support groups.