America the cruel

Happy Birthday America!

Land of the free, home of the mean

Well America, today you broke my heart. As many people celebrating in true American fashion, I took my family to the local carnival and for the first time both of my kids were tall enough to ride all the (kids) rides. We look forward to taking the kids to the Petunia Fest every year and then stay for the fireworks show at the end of the night. We had the option this year to buy armbands, and for $30 a pop, I wanted to make sure that we got our absolute moneys worth. That was until….

We rode all the kiddie rides and made our way through the trove of gimmicky carnival games and both of my kids laid eyes of the dinosaur themed fun house where they would have to climb their way up to the top and finish by going down the long spiral slide. I guess I should mention that Axel has some sensory sensitivities and has a total panic attack when putting bracelets or “arm bands” on, so as long as we show the Carny that we in fact have the arm band, they would let him on the ride. But not this one… Nope, not the AWESOME dinosaur fun house with the ropes and the climbing and the super fun slide. Not at all.

Nora ran straight in and we held up Axel’s arm band to show the lady running the fun house that he had one too, but before we could even blink, she yanked Axel by his arm and told us that she has a rule to not allow any kids in if they aren’t physically wearing the arm band. We kindly explained to her that he has sensory issues and for the first time in my life, I had to see my child turned away because of a disability. I wouldn’t consider Axel to be special needs but he a very unique little boy and he is taking his time on certain things and to tell him he isn’t allowed to go into the fun house because he gets anxiety from wearing something on his wrist that he is unable to take off is just a travesty. He just turned 4 and he doesn’t understand, he was yanked by some stranger and told no which clearly made him upset.

But she said this was HER rule, not management or the carnivals, HER’s. Meaning, after we told her he has sensory issues, showed her that we still had the arm band (which was freaking $30), and that he struggles with the confinement on his arm, she absolutely refused to let him in. People all stood around in just pure shock that a little boy with a minor disability and sensory issues wasn’t allowed to play with the other kids.

I know this hits me harder being that it’s my own child, but I never in my life thought that I would have to hold back tears because my child wasn’t welcome. No matter the reason, I just can’t bring myself to justify her actions but straight up, fuck that lady. I am never the type to go to management but today we did. We managed to get the bracelet around Axel’s shoe laces and they apologized but I still just hold so much anger in my heart over this entire situation. I love my kids more than anything and I will go to bat for them in any and all circumstances but that still doesn’t make the situation any easier.

I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend. We made the most out of the rest of the day but I just want everyone to take a moment to do something nice for someone. There are too many rotten tomatoes in this world, America, we can be better than this!

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