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About us

We’re just two moms getting high in a field. Ready to make the world a better place!! After many sessions, discussing our own mental health and how we’d make the world a better place, ChronicLogical was born. We believe in one love, plain and simple. Love can solve so many of our problems. Love and sweet sweet Mary Jane.

The Podcast

There is no subject in the real life that should be taboo. How will we ever know how to properly fight the bad if we don’t talk about it? Life is funny. Life is sad. Life is good. Life is bad. Life is beautiful. Life is ugly. There is nothing Jaq and Leah won’t talk about. There are very few things Jaq and Leah won’t laugh about. It’s worth a listen. We have lots of stories, tips for life, and even mistakes to share. And when all else fails, there’s always Pot Takes.

Day by day. That’s all we can do. Day by day we go ahead! Day by day we keep tryin! Day by day we get better!